Steven Smith Teamaker — Retail Cases

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Steven Smith brings you uncommonly delicious black teas, green teas, and herbal infusions. All composed of ingredients derived from all around the globe, into 13 unique original blends. 

6 cases, 15 Sachets Each (90 Sachets Total)



WHITE PETAL – White petal leaves from the Fujian Province are shade dried and later blended with Egyptian Chamomile petals and Osmanthus flowers creating a toasty, cream-like texture.

MAO FENG SHUI – Harvested Mao Feng green tea gathered from the Zhejiang Province is exceptionally rich in antioxidants and is known for its vegetative, sweet taste.

FEZ – Fez is a signature favorite, combining green teas from China with spearmint. The hint of lemon myrtle is just enough to provide a soothing, yet refreshing taste.

ROSE CITY GENMAICHA – The combination of rose petals, Mao Feng, Sencha, and Genmai which leaves a light, airy flavor. The roasted rice adds a nutty aroma to the sweet blend of petals in this tea.

JASMINE SILVERTIP – Green tea leaves are harvested from China's Fujian Province. Their flavor is maintained as they are blended with hand-picked Jasmine buds.



BUNGALOW – Bungalow extends a complex tea with the flavors of fruits, nuts, and flowers. The organic Darjeeling tea is complemented by rich and toasty ingredients to provide a soothing brew.

BRITISH BRUNCH – A rich blend of Indian Assam teas, Ceylon Dimbula, and Smoky China Keenum creates the perfect sophisticated tea, ideal for any brunch.

LORD BERGAMOT – Lord Bergamot is created with rich Assam tea leaves, Ceylon Dimbula, and Uva. It leaves one with a lavish, superior taste.

MASALA CHAI – Masala Chai transports you back to India with a sweetly spiced brew. Second flush Assam teas are mixed with ginger root, cassia, black pepper, cloves, and cardamom to bring about this soothing, rich flavor. 



MEADOW – Meadow contains a smooth blend of Chamomile flowers, lemon myrtle, pink rose petals, rooibos and linden flowers. This mix leaves a soothing and sweet flavor in your cup. 

RED NECTAR – Rooibos infused with the fruity flavor of honeybush provides a light and sweet beverage. This caffeine-free tea holds up very well to milk and cream. 

PEPPERMINT LEAVES – Peppermint leaves from the Pacific Northwest were picked to be infused into an intense, creamy flavor. This tea makes a great after-dinner treat, with its distinct chocolate notes

BIG HIBISCUS – A unique blend of Indian sarsaparilla, ginger, pink rose petals, and elderflowers from Europe creates a decadent taste. The deep red colors and rich flavors are ideal for any cup of tea.


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