Unleashing the Versatility of Syrups Beyond Coffee

While premium beans and expertly crafted espresso beverages are the backbone of any cafe, coffee drinks don’t amount to a hill of beans to some customers. Fortunately, there's a hidden gem that can take your menu to the next level: syrups.

See how brands like Monin, Torani, Holy Kakow and Routin 1883 take beverages–and even food–beyond coffee to a whole new realm of flavor possibilities.


Diversifying Beyond Coffee

Signature syrup infusions

Syrups are more than, well, syrups. These secret ingredients can transform ordinary beverages into extraordinary ones. Encourage your baristas to experiment with creating signature syrup infusions for a range of drinks, such as iced teas, lemonades, and even mocktails.

From classic vanilla to exotic lavender, Monin's wide array of flavors offer endless options. (Lavender lemonade, anyone?) For a full list of non-coffee recipes utilizing syrups, check out our recipe post here.

Crafting artisanal sodas

Can the cans! Create artisanal sodas crafted in-house. Torani's diverse syrup collection includes fruit flavors like raspberry, peach, and blood orange, allowing you to concoct vibrant, unique beverages that fizz instead of fizzle. Perfect for summer months where customers crave a cool, fruity drink, artisanal sodas are also ideal for the caffeine-averse who crave coffee shop magic.


Indulgent milkshakes and smoothies:

What could be better than milkshakes and smoothies? Milkshakes and smoothies flavored with syrups.

Exhibit A: Routin 1883's caramel and hazelnut syrups, which elevates a simple vanilla shake into a decadent treat.

Sweet and satisfying, these indulgent creations are sure to become a major draw for customers.

Culinary Alchemy: Syrups in Food Creations

Savory delights:

Here’s the dish: Syrups work well in savory dishes as additions to sauces, glazes, and marinades.

Monin’s blackberry syrup can be combined with dijon mustard and balsamic for a delicious blackberry glaze. Torani’s guava syrup makes an excellent addition to pancakes and waffles.

Create a buzz around unique savory dishes by featuring them as specials. This not only entices regular customers to try something new, but also attracts food enthusiasts seeking a unique dining experience.


Bakery bliss:

Expand your cafe's offerings beyond the usual pastries and cakes by infusing syrups into your bakery items. Monin's cinnamon syrup can add warmth to a cinnamon roll, while Torani's coconut syrup can transport customers to tropical paradise with every bite of a coconut-infused flavor.

Consider introducing a rotating selection of syrup-infused pastries to keep your menu fresh and exciting. This strategy encourages repeat visits as customers look forward to discovering new flavor combinations.

Seasonal promotions

There is life beyond pumpkin spice autumn. Vanilla iced green tea in spring, for example, or perhaps watermelon lemonade for those hot summer days. Syrups provide an excellent opportunity to introduce seasonal promotions and keep your offerings relevant and exciting.

Highlighting limited-time syrup-infused specials also creates a sense of urgency, driving customers to visit your cafe to savor these exclusive creations before they disappear. It’s all of the buzz–without all of the caffeine.

Training and Innovation: Empowering Your Baristas

Barista training programs

Invest in comprehensive barista training programs that cover the basics of brewing coffee while exploring the vast potential of syrups. Educate your staff on the flavor profiles of different syrups and provide hands-on training sessions to encourage creativity in crafting unique beverages.

Regularly update your training materials to incorporate new syrup flavors and recipe ideas, ensuring that your baristas stay inspired and continue to delight customers with innovative offerings. It’s an investment that will pay many happy returns (and return visits).

Collaboration and innovation sessions:

Foster a culture of collaboration by organizing regular innovation sessions where baristas can share their syrup-infused creations. This not only boosts team morale, but also leads to the discovery of unexpected flavor combinations that may become the next big hit on your menu.

Actively involve your staff in the creative process, soliciting their input on potential syrup-infused offerings. This sense of ownership increases enthusiasm and dedication to providing exceptional customer experiences.