Monin Syrup - French Vanilla

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Monin French Vanilla Syrup

France is well-known for its great skills at coming up with some the finest and most delicious sweets and drinks in the world. From cookies to cakes and chocolate, their sweet products are some of the best in the whole world. But their most special ingredient for all these is that perfect, rich vanilla taste in éclairs, crème brûlée, choux a la crème and pancakes. What do you think their secret ingredient for such a creamy vanilla taste in desserts and drinks is? Exactly! The Vanilla Syrup or Vanilla Extract that they use! Do you also want to make the tastiest drinks with premium vanilla flavor? Then Monin French Vanilla Syrup is just what you're looking for! Now let's find out more about it!


What Is Monin French Vanilla Syrup?

Monin French Vanilla Syrup is the newest formula for Vanilla Syrup, created by Monin, with the best properties and specifications to meet everyone's expectations! Easy to use for baristas and with a superior, subtle taste to make even the most exigent critics and customers happy, Monin's French Vanilla Syrup is a must in every bar and in every coffee shop!

Usually, vanilla syrups are made out of water, sugar and vanilla extract. But Monin french Vanilla Syrup is a unique formula of vanilla syrup, specially created for baristas, with select, premium ingredients and pure sugar cane. It is highly concentrated for the most delicious and rich - flavored results in drinks and desserts. With exotic tempts, its authentic taste will offer you exceptional versatility while creating specialty beverages for your customers, at a superior quality!


  • Pure Cane Sugar
  • Water
  • Natural Vanilla Flavors with Vanilla Extract
  • Citric Acid


How Is Monin French Vanilla Syrup Created?

Even though Vanilla originated in Mexico, Madagascar is now one of the first regions in vanilla beans production. Well, the vanilla extract used to obtain Monin French Vanilla Syrup is made out of vanilla beans grown in this tropical region: in Madagascar!

We ensure you that due to the pure Madagascar vanilla, the careful preparation and the huge passion that it's made with, the Monin French Vanilla Syrup is a premium quality vanilla syrup, with a thick texture and a very rich, smooth, fragrant and versatile flavor that will make your every drink special and unique!


What Can You Use Monin French Vanilla Syrup For?

Monin French Vanilla Syrup has endless applications in drinks as well as in desserts. There is such a wide range of products where you can use Vanilla Syrup that having this perfect, tasty, premium quality Monin French Vanilla Syrup is vital for your business!

From the most sophisticated cocktails to hot, delicious coffees, teas or hot chocolates, this sweet Vanilla Syrup has a perfect behavior at both high and cold temperatures, being just that drop of magic you need to pour into your drinks in order to show the world what a talented and passionate barista you are!

Milkshakes, smoothies, lemonades, juices, frozen lattes and coffees, frappes, mochas, shakes or even whipped cream - the Monin French Vanilla Syrup can be used for all these, for both adults' and kids' beverages, and also for a lot more, various drinks and desserts! Do you want to have the tastiest drinks from your town and to make your coffee shop/bar well-known for the best vanilla drinks? Even if you want to add a drop of vanilla syrup for a subtle, fine flavor of vanilla in a cocktail, or if you want to add one full spoon of vanilla for a rich vanilla taste in a fresh lemonade glass, this syrup will be all you need! Choose the required quantity of vanilla syrup and make your drinks sing with the most beautiful notes of vanilla, on the lips of your customers!


Is Monin French Vanilla Syrup Safe & Healthy In Nutrition?

Different from other unhealthy vanilla syrups, with way too much low-quality sugar and with a lot of fats, the Monin French Vanilla Syrup will keep your health safe! Don't worry for the sugar quantity in your blood, as this special vanilla syrup contains very few, high-quality and not too sweet sugar. With a total fat of 0g (no saturated fat and also no trans fat), with no High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFSC) and with only 90 calories per serving, the Monin French Vanilla Syrup is gluten free, GMO free and, of course, alcohol free, which makes it perfect for Kosher, Raw and Vegan diets!


How Can You Purchase Monin French Vanilla Syrup?

The Monin French Vanilla Syrup is perfect for iced lattes and frozen coffees and offers the perfect amount of sweet vanilla for every drink. Make your drinks your customers' favorites! Order them now, from our website, in case of 6 (750 ml Bottles) or in case of 12 (also 750 ml Bottles). Be an artist by creating the most delicious, fine and exquisite beverages for your clients, with the special formula of Monin French Vanilla Syrup!




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