Monin Syrup - French Vanilla

$ 50.40


France is well-known for its great skills at coming up with some of the finest and most delicious sweets and drinks in the world. From cookies to cakes and chocolate, their sweet products are some of the best in the whole world. But their most special ingredient is that perfect, rich vanilla taste in eclairs, creme brulee, choux a la creme, and pancakes.  

Monin French Vanilla Syrup is the newest formula for vanilla syrup created by Monin with the best properties and specifications to meet everyone's expectations! Easy to use for baristas and with a superior, subtle taste to make even the most exigent critics and customers happy, Monin's French Vanilla Syrup is a must in every bar and in every coffee shop!

Usually, vanilla syrups are made out of water, sugar, and vanilla extract. But Monin French Vanilla Syrup is a unique formula specially created for baristas with select premium ingredients and pure sugar cane. It is highly concentrated for the most delicious and rich flavored results in drinks and desserts. With exotic tempts, its authentic taste will offer you exceptional versatility while creating specialty beverages for your customers, at a superior quality!


  • Pure Cane Sugar

  • Water

  • Natural Vanilla Flavors with Vanilla Extract

  • Citric Acid


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