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Cameo Classic C'2m

Suitable for: Medium to high volume locations. Suitable for self service locations serving espresso drinks and milk drinks
This modular, bean to cup espreso machine has become popular among specialty coffee roasters, drive through locations, large multi-chain operators, restaurants, hospitality and every coffee setting in between. The C'2m not only has the ability to produce espresso bean to cup, but can also dispense steamed and textured milk through the group head at the touch of a button.
Cameo C'2m comes standard with a bean hopper capable of holding two different bean types, a cleaning ball hopper for automated cleaning, one steam arm with foaming and auto shut off capabilities, an adjustable temperature hot water spout, one group head, and can dispense one type of milk through the machine (fridge to cup).
This machine offers espresso grinder self-calibration, promoting consistent in-cup quality with every use. With the ETC (Extraction Time Control) system, the user can manage and control brand standards through an intelligent algorithm, ensuring proper quality, consistency and reliability of each product. Each of the two bean grinders contain ceramic blades driven by a powerful yet quiet motor. Fan systems channel away heat from the coffee beans to maintain their quality.
A large 24 gram brew chamber has an auto leveling feature, creating a vibration that enables the espresso grinds within the chamber to spread evenly. This along with an electronic tamping system guarantees a consistent extraction.
One step milk allows the user to produce milk-based drinks at the touch of a button without using the steam arm. The internal milk module draws milk from an external source and dispenses it through the spout in to the cup. Air and steam are added to the milk, creating a perfectly textured drink. Both the milk temperature and aeration level are fully customizable via the intelligent Eversys software. The C'2m makes barista level drinks with limited effort.
The e'Barista system allows for employee productivity through ease of use and efficiency. Although skill level is always beneficial, it is not required with this machine, producing reduced labor costs as a result of less training and a more efficient operation.