Paper Cup Holders

Wholesale coffee cups, lids
and other paper goods
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Hold everything. No, actually. Hold everything you create, serve, and care about with quality cups, plates, trays, lids, sleeves, and more, delivered at low wholesale prices. Plus save an extra 5% off your first order with SUPPLIES.

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Cups & Lids

Contain that cup of magic with high-quality cups and lids-that also keep
a lid on costs with prices starting at just 5 cents per item.

Coffee Accessories

Stir up excitement with stirrers, filters, sleeves, and other coffee accoutrements. (We're pretty sure that's French for "cool cafe accessories delivered lightning-fast to your door.")

Plates, trays & containers

Every superhero needs a sidekick. For your coffee, tea and snack masterpieces, that includes compostable containers, plates, cutler, and carrier trays.

Perfect pairings

Here's your chance to play matchmaker: pair our perfect paper products with
Barista Underground's top-selling cafe supplies, like alt milk, syrups, sauces, teas, latte mixes, and more.

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