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Rishi Organic Barista Matcha

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Elevate Your Matcha Creations with Rishi Organic Barista Matcha

Rishi Organic Barista Matcha is the finest companion for baristas and matcha enthusiasts alike. Also known as “everyday matcha”, Rishi helps bring the art of crafting exquisite matcha beverages with this premium, ceremonial-grade matcha powder. Immerse yourself in the vibrant green hue and rich umami flavor that defines traditional matcha. Elevate your latte game, create dazzling culinary delights, and experience the authentic taste of matcha perfection. Enjoy wholesale prices and fast shipping at Barista Underground. 

Key Features:

  • Organic matcha 
  • Ideal for crafting lattes and speciality drinks 
  • Assertive strength with culinary versatility
  • Includes L-theanine and other stimulating acids for a unique bounty of energy 


  • Organic Japanese Green Tea 

50 servings 

Barista Tip: Pair Barista Matcha with non-dairy milk for refreshing matcha lattes

Why Choose Rishi Organic Barista Matcha

Barista's Dream: Achieve velvety matcha lattes and creative culinary concoctions effortlessly, thanks to Rishi's premium finely-milled matcha.

Smooth Flavor: Experience a harmonious balance of natural sweetness and deep umami notes, delivering a rich and satisfying taste in every sip.

Organic Excellence: Savor matcha with a conscience, as Rishi Organic Barista Matcha is meticulously grown and processed in harmony with organic practices.

Versatile Craftsmanship: From lattes to desserts, explore the limitless possibilities of matcha infusion, adding an elegant touch and distinct flavor profile to your culinary creations.

How to Enjoy:

Classic Matcha Latte: Create a velvety matcha latte by whisking Rishi Organic Barista Matcha with steamed milk of your choice. Enjoy the balanced sweetness and rich umami notes in every sip.

Iced Matcha Refresher: Beat the heat with an invigorating iced matcha. Blend Rishi's matcha powder with cold milk and sweetener, then pour over ice for a refreshing and rejuvenating treat.

Culinary Delights: Elevate your culinary creations by incorporating matcha into baked goods, desserts, or sauces. The earthy depth of Rishi Organic Barista Matcha adds a unique and sophisticated flavor dimension to your dishes.



Quantity 1 bag - 100g
Shipping Weight
Features Organic
Caffeination Caffeinated
Flavor Green tea
Package Size 100g
Style Dry Mixes
Tea Type Green tea
Type Powder Mixes