8 Tips to Get Your Coffee Shop Fall-Ready

Ah, the vibrant colors of the changing leaves. Crisp autumn mornings. Cozy cable knit sweaters.  Fall is in the air–and so is the scent of pumpkin spiced lattes and their apple and caramel-flavored cousins.

Here are eight easy ways to make your customers fall in love with you this season.

1. Lean Into Autumn Ambiance

A season marked by old leaves and new school supplies, Fall is rife with nostalgia. While beverage and food will be paramount for setting the tone, it’s also important to capture cozy vibes in your space. Transform your coffee shop into a haven of autumnal colors, scents, and decorations. Adorn your space with warm-toned decorations. Go out of your gourd for pumpkins, squash and acorn decor.

Want to get all the senses in on the fun? Play autumn themed music as a seasonal soundtrack. Check out our playlist here for inspiration.

Coffee Shop Fall

2. Craft Signature Fall Drinks

Introducing a signature Fall-inspired drink can be a game-changer–not to mention money-maker–for your coffee shop. Infuse hot and cold beverages with the essence of fall with flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, caramel, and apple. Whether it’s a spiced latte, a pumpkin-flavored brew, or your unique blend, a special signature Fall drink can draw in customers eager to savor the season.

For a full list of Fall-themed recipes, check out our guide here.

Underground Tip

A signature drink not only entices regulars to return, but also attracts new customers. In fact, a signature Fall drink can underscore your brand identity, create customer engagement as the inquire about the story behind the drink, boost sales with repeat visits and referrals, let you flex your creative barista muscles, and become the touchstone of a marketing campaign around the drink’s launch and popularity.

3. Delight with Non-Dairy

In recent years, the demand for non-dairy alternatives has skyrocketed. Catering to customers with dietary restrictions or lifestyle choices is crucial for ensuring a diverse and inclusive coffee shop environment year-round.

As you prepare for Fall, milk the alt milk movement by expanding your non-dairy offerings to seasonal drinks. Almond milk, oat milk, and soy milk are popular choices that can be incorporated into your signature Fall drinks, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the seasonal goodness. After all, more really is merrier.

Check out Califia’s pumpkin flavored barista style oat milk here.

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4. Prepare for Hot Drinks to Heat Up

As the temperature dips, so does demand for iced coffees and cold brews. Ensure that you have the supplies you need for hot drinks with more frequent hot drink supply orders.

At Barista Underground, we offer all the supplies you need to ensure you don’t miss a beat this Fall. Best of all, these wholesale priced items are delivered right to your door.

Stock up on hot cups, lids, coffee sleeves, and coffee filters here.

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5.  Rake in a Variety of Fall Treats

While signature coffees take center stage this season, customers don’t live on lattes (or cappuccinos) alone. Consider incorporating seasonal ingredients like apples, pumpkins, and spices into the chewable items on your menu, like pastries, muffins, and snacks.

Pumpkin may be the season’s shining star, but other fabulous flavors abound. Pump out cinnamon, maple, pecan, and toasted marshmallow syrups. Spice things up with chai, hot spiced ciders, and ginger offerings.

Check out our curated list of products perfect for Fall, including alt milks, cider concentrates, chais, syrups, sauces, teas and more.

Curated Products

6. Get Social

Harness the power of social media to generate excitement about your coffee shop's Fall treats. Share visually appealing photos of your signature drink, seasonal decorations, and delectable treats.

Use relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts and engage with your audience by encouraging them to share their own Fall experiences at your coffee shop–perhaps with a promotion to boost participation and engagement. Contests and giveaways are a great way to boost sales and draw in more customers, while generating a bushel of goodwill.

7. Host Seasonal Events

Autumn provides ample opportunities for coffee shops to host buzz-worthy events. Consider organizing themed events, such as decorating mini ceramic pumpkins, during which customers can enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

Underground Tip

Show your community some love by collaborating with local artists, crafters, and makers. Offer these artisans’ handmade products while visitors sip and savor your seasonal offerings. These events not only drive foot traffic, but also establish your coffee shop as a community hub. It’s the art of engagement and good corporate citizenship.

8.  Support Support Staff

As the fall season brings an influx of customers, ensure that your staff is adequately trained, motivated, and empowered. Properly trained baristas can recommend your signature Fall drinks and suggest complementary items from your menu, enhancing the overall customer experience. Encourage your team to embrace the fall spirit and share their enthusiasm with customers, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back throughout this season and well into next.