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Takebacks Reusable Cup & Lid Combo 16oz

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Emily, a regular customer at your shop, is increasingly worried about climate change. She doesn’t want her love for coffee and your shop to cut down trees and add more waste to landfills ... but often forgets to wash and bring in her personal to-go cup ... leaving her feeling guilty ...

Takebacks Cups are for her. 

The coffee shop hopper, Jim, likes to work from different coffee shops, but also hates the waste created from single-use cups. He’d love to be able to leave his dirty cup in the car, bring it into a new shop the next day, and just swap it for a clean cup with his favorite beverage, and get back to work. 

Takebacks Cups are for him. 

Imagine the disposable cups you serve your wonderful drinks in, going from being a cost to you, to a source of extra earnings and cost savings: 50 cents per new Takebacks Cup earned, and 20-30 cents saved for each reuse. 

Plus: save on space taken by disposable cups, and reduce the trips to the dumpster.  

Attract more customers like Emily and Jim who want to support conscious businesses and reduce their footprint. 

‘Paper’ cups aren’t what they seem ...

- Only 2,500 cups come from one tree - paper products are a direct cause of deforestation. 

- Typical single-use paper cups have a plastic lining that prevents them from being recyclable or compostable. They simply end up in landfills and waste streams. 

- The flimsy plastic lining comes off easily, leaching toxins into hot beverages. 

- Many of them travel thousands of miles, often overseas. 

Takebacks on the other hand …

- Can be reused hundreds of times, for years. Yes, they are made of plastic, but the consensus among scientists is clear: it’s single-use plastic that’s bad for the environment. When reused, it is the most environmentally sustainable material - more than steel (most steel containers are manufactured in China in highly polluting factories). 

- They are made with BPA-free, high quality plastic rated for hot temperatures and repeated reuse without any leaching into the drinks - similar to the plastic parts that go into coffee machines. 

- At the end of their lifecycle, Takebacks Cups are 100% recyclable. 

- Takebacks are made in the USA, from raw materials sourced from the Gulf of Mexico - giving them a low transportation footprint. Once they are in circulation, the miles they travel is nearly zero. 

Takebacks is a comprehensive reusables system: 

- Each cup has a unique QR code, name and ID (powered by Britehoods) - enabling their environmental impact and life cycle to be measurable via the Britehoods App. 

- Dishwasher safe - both home and commercial. 

- 17 fl.oz with a built-in 12 fl.oz marker for smaller orders. 

- Hot/cold: One cup for all drinks. 

- Lid serves as a coaster - a nifty little feature. 

How it works for your customers:

  1. They buy-in once 

Customer pays you $3 (you save $0.50 + cost of disposable cup)

  1. Swap/return

At any partner location, clean or not. 

They keep the lid. 

If it’s a return (rare), shop refunds them $2.50.

  1. Wash, stack
    Like other in-store dishes. 

Save on disposable cups, again.

Moneyback guarantee: If you don’t like the Takebacks Cups, please write to We’d love to understand your concerns and give you a refund. 

There is no Planet B. Let’s come together and take care of the one we have. We look forward to having you join the community! 

Case of 50 Cup/Lid Combos

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