Pacific Foods Barista Series Almond Milk

$ 80.00


With the consistency of milk and a heavenly taste, Pacific Foods Barista Series Almond Milk will turn your espresso drinks into barista masterpieces. Crafted with gently roasted almonds, it has a rich taste that froths beautifully.

Barista Almond Milk is an ideal dairy replacement for your coffee, smoothies, and matcha lattes.

It is a great option to offer customers who are looking to stay away from soy, grains, and gluten!


  • Almond Base (Water, Almonds)
  • Dried Cane Syrup
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Sea Salt
  • Carrageenan
  • Vitamin D2
  • Riboflavin (B2)
  • Vitamin A Palmitate

Accommodates these diets:

Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher (Pareve), lactose-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat/yeast-free, soy-free, cholesterol-free.

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