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My Mythos 85 Gravimetric (Grind by Weight)

Suitable for: Designed for medium - high volume locations with coffee professionals looking for a grind by weight option
The My Mythos 85 Gravimetric espresso grinder is a grind by weight grinder with temperature stability, and 85 mm burrs. Grinding by weight allows the barista to focus solely on grind adjustment. There is no longer a need to adjust the grind time after grind adjustment, as the built in scale measures the exact amount of grinds by weight regardless of the grind size. The My Mythos line is the next generation of grinders improving on the extremely popular Mythos Clima Pro. My Mythos was designed for maximum consistency, zero waste, and ease of maintenance.
The built in scale allows the barista to grind by weight. The grinder will quickly tear out the portafilter handle, and will precisely grind the perfect amount of espresso to the programmed weight every time.
Touch Screen Functionality
A user-friendly touch screen allows baristas to change settings, and maintain control of the grinder with ease of use.
Programming Logic
Intuitive programming logic creates a smoother and hassle free environment, allowing the coffee professional to focus on consistency and quality.
Precise Grind Flow
My Mythos has an improved clump crusher and coffee spout, allowing for a perfect flow of espresso grinds into the portafilter. The improved hook design sends ground espresso into the portafilter, minimizing waste.
Cleaning and maintenance operations are now more simple and accessible. Reduced screw count and streamlined engineering has helped make this grinder easier to maintain compared to previous Mythos grinders.
Temperature Stability
Two fans provide ideal air flow throughout the grinder to maintain the temperature for the purpose of grind consistency. The two fans on from the original Mythos have now been moved to the back of the My Mythos, allowing for premier airflow regardless of what is located next to the grinder. Counter space is a premium for cafes. You can now set multiple grinders side by side without the need for an air gap between grinders. A wall of excellence at your service.