Minor Figures Barista Oat Milk *Two Cases - Free Shipping*

$ 60.00


We'd like to offer a more consumer-friendly way to purchase Minor Figures Oat M*lk:

For a limited time, we'll be offering free shipping on two cases of Minor Figures (12 cartons) - while it's still less expensive to purchase four cases, we hope this option will accommodate our customers who have concerns about storage space. 

(free shipping can't be combined with other discounts/offers)

All plant-based milks on Barista Underground are shelf-stable and have expiration dates about 8-12 months from date of purchase.

Please email us at orders@baristaunderground.com if you have any questions.

All our best,

The team at BU

Minor Figures Barista Oat M*lk has a man in a duck costume on the cover. Fantastic as that is, that’s not even the best thing about it. 

Formulated by baristas and for baristas, there's no added sugar here - the sweetness in this m*lk comes entirely from the oats themselves (picture a field of really happy oats, waving in the sun). 

It frolics under the steam wand to create creamy froth. And, like a pair of over-sized elastic pants, it will never split on you. Not even in a double shot of the robusta-heavy roast you keep on hand for bikers. 

Water, Oats, Rapeseed (Canola) Oil, Tricalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Salt

No Sugar Added

***All SALES FINAL - for the safety of our team, no returns can be accepted at this time - please contact us with any questions or concerns***