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Maverick Black Eagle Three Group Gravimetric

Suitable for: Specialty coffee shops, High quality coffee shops, high volume locations, barista competitors, filtered coffee and tea professionals
T3 Genius Technology
The new T3 Genius technology has been developed to provide the barista with absolute control over their brew by providing them with the tools to allow for meticulous precision, resulting in outstanding performance and unrivaled efficiency. It's the next step in Victoria Arduino’s story of innovation and design. T3 is for 3 different temperatures and Genius represents the improvement of Victoria Arduino’s engine. This is Victoria Arduino’s most advanced technology to date but equally, it's user-friendly and sustainable too.
Thermal Energy Recovery System
The Black Eagle Maverick recycles as much of the energy it uses as is possible thanks to the use of TERS, that’s Thermal Energy Recovery System, which uses left-over energy scraps to pre-heat the incoming water.
Pure Brew
PureBrew technology is a revolutionary, three phase, extraction method that uses pulsating frequencies of water pressure to release the purest flavour from your coffee bean according to its freshness, region and type. Discover new flavors of your espresso with PureBrew Technology or apply PureBrew as low-pressure extraction to create a new, unique coffee extraction and tea.
Pure Brew Technology Phases
Phase 1, Preinfusion
Low frequency, low intensity pulses give the coffee puck time to absorb the water and the grind to stabilize fully. This stage is crucial and notoriously complicated as it’s very easy to begin the infusion process by washing out the flavor.
Phase 2, Infusion
High-pressure (9 bar) frequencies squeeze out all the oils and flavors. To extract all the compounds of the coffee, the particles are tightly compressed and relaxed, providing the opportunity for the coffee to expand, increasing the efficiency of extraction.
Phase 3, Postinfusion
The water frequency is reduced to minimize the extraction of negative compounds. These can give coffee ligneous, astringent notes which no one wants. Most coffee machines leave this aspect to chance. The Maverick does not.
Pure Brew Coffee Portafilter
We are proud to introduce the brand new PureBrew Coffee Filter, developed in conjunction with our revolutionary conical, basket with a micro-thin double mesh that can contain up to 20 grams of coffee. By combining our PureBrew Technology with our brand new, patented filter basket, you can create a new low-pressure filter coffee at the touch of a button.
Gravimetric Brew By Weight Technology
Gravimetric technology provides the barista with higher levels of consistency and control over the coffee brew by allowing them to read the weight of coffee in the cup from the group display. For maximum precision, you can now stop the extraction at the desired weight.
Low Profile
In addition to following our policy of sustainability, the new low-profile design has one, fundamentally practical aspect to it as well: it’s easier for the barista to engage with the customer. Before we’ve even got started, that’s going to be good business.
Overall, the Black Eagle Maverick has retained the elegance synonymous with its heritage, though there is more of a lustrous quality that feels fresh and contemporary. Maverick designers have beautifully incorporated the classic Black Eagle motif throughout the machine, from the new eagle-shaped stainless-steel rail, the new composition on the grid (as practical as it is beautiful) right down to the smart, sustainable drip tray to remind everyone that this is no ordinary coffee appliance.