Barista Underground Sweetens The Deal For Golly G’s Sweets

At Golly G’s, homemade is made in batches & brews–
and made better by Barista Underground.

Nestled just outside of Music City, Golly G’s hits all the right notes with homemade sweets handcrafted with love, skill, and plenty of tantalizing ingredients. The popular spot hit a fork in the road, contemplating a change from distributors with onerous ordering processes.

“The previous company we were working with made us order huge amounts,” remarks Atiknson. “We had to fill up a pallet to be worth the shipping.”

It was a tall order. Minimum.

Golly G

“Barista Underground has incredible flexibility.”

– Ben Atkinson, Director of Golly G’s coffee program

Taste tester quantities to avoid buyer’s regret.

With the newfound ability to create mix-and-match assortments instead of ordering by the case, Golly G’s was able to not only order staples in bulk, but also experiment with smaller quantities of new ingredients.

“We create new custom drinks monthly,” says Atkinson.” Barista Underground carries all the brands that we're looking for in sauces, syrups, alternative milks, and more.”

This has granted Atkinson the freedom to get creative in the kitchen without having to gamble on a new ingredient in bulk. “We just ordered some blood orange servers, which we've never done before. I was like, I want to play with that!”

King-size quantities for the favorites.

Since Golly G’s shared many ingredients across its coffee and ice cream divisions, it only made sense to choose a distributor flexible enough to offer pour on the good stuff for both sides of the business, like the multi-purpose Ghirardelli chocolate sauce. “We go through quite a lot of that chocolate sauce. We order cases of that stuff all the time, and Barista Underground has incredible flexibility,” says Atkinson.

coffee in cup

“It's made our cash flow easier. It's just made everything easier.”

– Ben Atkinson, Director of Golly G’s coffee program

“I have not seen anybody that does what Barista Underground does. It’s a no-brainer.”

– Ben Atkinson, Director of Golly G’s coffee program

It’s the crème de la crème for coffee and ice cream shops.

Here are 6 reasons why coffee and ice cream shops choose Barista Underground:

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