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Vivreau PURITY C500 Quell ST Filter Exchange Cartridge (1002982)

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Specially developed for catering and vending sectors, the PURITY C Quell ST filter cartridges reduce carbonate hardness in drinking water and, therefore, reduce the danger of limescale deposits in equipment. In addition, the filter medium retains metal ions, such as lead or copper, and also reduces substances that can negatively affect taste and aroma (such as chlorine residues).

Designed for coffee, espresso and vending machines as well as Combi steamers and ovens. The filter also reduces coarse particles, reduces chlorine, improves taste and order. The Purity C500 is rated for 1,796 Gallons (6,800 Liters) at 10 Grains Per US Gallon (171 ppm) at 40% bypass.

The benefits to you:

• Limescale deposits and the associated machine breakdowns are reduced including additional service and repair costs
• The removal of unwanted taste and aroma elements in the filtrate (and also in the bypass water) for optimum quality of the end product
• One filter head concept for all cartridge versions in the PURITY C range with various head designs for individual requirements
• Simple to handle with rapid-change system including an innovative locking handle for reliable adjustment
• Integrated flush valve for easy operation and space-saving thanks to the water inlet and outlet on one side of the filter head

Systematic filter technology:

  1. Pre-filtration
    A pre-filter retains coarse particles.
  2. Carbonate hardness reduction
    The PURITY C Quell ST filter medium reduces carbonate hardness. As a result, unwanted limescale formation is prevented.
  3. Activated carbon filtration
    All of the water – including the bypass water – runs through an activated carbon filter, so substances that have an adverse effect on the taste and aroma are removed.
  4. Fine filtration
    At the end of the filtration process a fleece retains any fine particles.
  5. IntelliBypass technology: The unique IntelliBypass technology stands for a constant proportion of blended water that is independent of the volume flow. This ensures consistently high water quality, even with low water throughput.


  • The Vivreau Purity C500 Quell ST Filter (1002982) is compatible the Vivreau NPT Male 1/2 0-70% Variable Filter Head (1031654)
  • Technology: decarbonisation (hardness reduction)
  • Capacity coffee/espresso/vending machines (at a carbonate hardness of 10 GPG/bypass setting of 40%): 6,800 liters 1,796 US gallons
  • Nominal flow (Pressure loss at nominal flow): 100 l/h (0.5 bar) 26.42 US gallons/h
  • Max. operating pressure | Water intake temperature: 8.6 bar | 39.2 °F – 86 °F (29 psi – max. 125 psi)
  • Dimensions (W/D/H) with filter head: 5.67/5.67/21.93 in
  • Weight (dry/wet): 10.1/15.2 lb
  • Operating position | Operation: horizontal and vertical | use after inhouse softening units possible

Quality and safety:

  • Optimum water quality
    Outstanding and consistent water quality –
    free of unwanted taste and aroma elements.
  • Maximum product safety
    For uninterrupted operation and safe use.
  • Simple to use
    Operation is simpler and easier than ever.

**System tested and certified by NSF International
against NSF/ANSI standard 42 for the reduction of
chlorine, taste and odor.**


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