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Steven Smith Teamaker — Mixed Case of 3 (100 Count)

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Steven Smith Teamaker's carefully curated Signature Line of teas includes the original 13 blends concocted by Steven Smith in 2009, along with two more recent creations deemed worthy of the name. All are exceptional full-leaf teas, composed in very small batches, using uncommonly good ingredients provided by friends around the world.

Mixed Case of 3:

Buy at a discount when you bundle three! This bundle comes with three different 100-sachet boxes of your choice, three of the same kind, or two of one and one of another.   



WHITE PETAL – White petal leaves from the Fujian Province are shade dried and later blended with Egyptian Chamomile petals and Osmanthus flowers, creating a toasty, cream-like texture.

SPRING GREENS (Formerly known as Mao Feng Shui) – Your perfect go-to green for everyday enjoyment, this spring-harvested Mao Feng tea from Zhejiang has a slightly sweet, vegetal aroma with a lingering fresh aftertaste.

FEZ – Fez is a signature favorite, combining green teas from China with spearmint. The hint of lemon myrtle is just enough to provide a soothing, yet refreshing taste.

ROSE CITY GENMAICHA – The combination of rose petals, Mao Feng, Sencha, and Genmai leaves a light, airy flavor. The roasted rice adds a nutty aroma to the sweet blend of petals in this tea.

JASMINE SILVERTIP – Green tea leaves are harvested from China's Fujian Province. Their flavor is maintained as they are blended with hand-picked Jasmine buds.



BUNGALOW – Bungalow extends a complex tea with the flavors of fruits, nuts, and flowers. The organic Darjeeling tea is complemented by rich and toasty ingredients to provide a soothing brew.

BRITISH BRUNCH – A rich blend of Indian Assam teas, Ceylon Dimbula and Smoky China Keenum creates the perfect sophisticated tea, ideal for any brunch.

LORD BERGAMOT – Lord Bergamot is created with rich Assam tea leaves, Ceylon Dimbula and Uva. It leaves one with a lavish, superior taste. 

MASALA CHAI – Masala Chai transports you back to India with a sweetly spiced brew. Second flush Assam teas are mixed with ginger root, cassia, black pepper, cloves, and cardamom to bring about this soothing, rich flavor. 



MEADOW – Meadow contains a smooth blend of Chamomile flowers, lemon myrtle, pink rose petals, rooibos and linden flowers. This mix leaves a soothing and sweet flavor in your cup. 

RED NECTAR – Rooibos infused with the fruity flavor of honeybush provides a light and sweet beverage. This caffeine-free tea holds up very well to milk and cream. 

PEPPERMINT LEAVES – Peppermint leaves from the Pacific Northwest were picked to be infused into an intense, creamy flavor. This tea makes a great after-dinner treat, with its distinct chocolate notes

BIG HIBISCUS – A unique blend of Indian sarsaparilla, ginger, pink rose petals, and elderflowers from Europe creates a decadent taste. The deep red colors and rich flavors are ideal for any cup of tea.