Sattwa Chai Concentrate - 64oz

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With strong origins in the ancient, spiritual India, Sattwa Chai is now a famous and delicious beverage that is sought worldwide. Due to its unique taste, people have fallen in love with enjoying a cup of chai every morning.

For this, Sattwa Chai is a must in your coffee shop if you are a coffee shop owner or a barista. With a concentrate taste and made out of premium quality ingredients, Sattwa Chai is currently the most popular and delicious chai on the market. You should definitely be able to serve it in your coffee shop if you want to attract the most positive critics!


What is Sattwa Chai Concentrate?

Sattwa Chai Concentrate is probably the best version of chai you will ever taste! With a concentrate, rich flavor and consistency of spices and love, the Sattwa Chai Concentrate that you will serve to your clients if you add it right now into your shopping cart will gather entire families at your coffee shop that will happily enjoy a cup of Sattwa Chai and will bring a good profit to your successful business!


  • Filtered Water
  • Cane Sugar
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Black Tea
  • Ginger
  • Clove
  • Black Pepper
  • Citric Acid


How Is Sattwa Chai Concentrate Created?

Sattwa Chai Concentrate is created out of Organic Fair Trade Certified Black Tea. Well known as masala-chai in India for centuries, the chai contains completely natural organic ingredients and spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, clove and black pepper, carefully blended and micro-brewed with sugar into a concentrate, rich flavored chai that will be absolutely enjoyable in every cup. With no additives of any kind and with a vibrant, aromatic savor, it has been the best from the beginning, so after two decades of commitment and dedication and after months of sunshine, the result is the premium quality chai that you will create in every cup for your clients!


How Do You Prepare Sattwa Chai Concentrate?

In order to obtain the most delicious masala chai to serve to your clients, you will need to simply combine, into a cup, a quantity of Sattwa Chai Concentrate, that will enchant the drinker with a rich, delicious, original and magical taste of masala chai, with an equal quantity of creamy milk (or milk alternatives such as soy milk, nut milk, oat milk, almond milk etc.).

For those of the clients who are extremely exquisite and need a simple, concentrate, natural flavored chai, only these two ingredients (milk and Sattwa Chai Concentrate) will be enough to please that client. But for those who are eager to try something new, who want to see and try modern, challenging and interesting combinations, you can also pour some chocolate sauce, vanilla essence, sugar, caramel or extra milk into the Sattwa Chai Concentrate. Anyway, it is for sure that the final result will be the happiness of your client who will fall in love with your chai, and the profit of your coffee shop!


What Makes Sattwa Chai Concentrate Perfect For Nutrition?

Specially created for coffee houses and roasters, Sattwa Chai Concentrate is carefully developed under the attention, hard-work, dedication and love of experts in beverages and nutrition, who know how important it is that, along with the delicious and authentic taste of this unique masala chai, it should also be healthy and safe to be consumed by customers who love the traditional Indian Chai.

Therefore, Sattwa Chai Concentrate contains only natural ingredients and spices which are healthy and beneficial to your clients' organisms, and are completely free of any type of additive. With no extra sugar and carefully blended, Sattwa Chai is safe to be enjoyed by entire families of chai lovers who come as clients in your coffee shop!


What Makes Sattwa Chai Concentrate Different from simple Sattwa Chai?

Sattwa Chai is extremely creamy, smooth and delicious, due to the concentrate quantity of natural spices and ingredients used to create it. The only thing that makes it different from the simple Sattwa Chai is that its taste is a little richer, stronger and more authentic, which makes it perfect for the most exquisite clients, who want to enjoy a simple and strong flavor of masala chai, exactly as concentrate as it was made in its ancient Indian origins. Anyway, behind the Sattwa Chai Concentrate, such as behind the simple Sattwa Chai, a lot of love, commitment, hard-work, passion and dedication of experts, baristas and chai lovers stays, and your clients will feel this in every delicious cup of Sattwa Chai combined with some milk!


How Can You Purchase Sattwa Chai Concentrate?

As it is specially designed and created for your clients, Sattwa Chai Concentrate is exclusively available to coffee shops and roasters in cases of 6, 64oz bottles. Therefore, you can very easily purchase Sattwa Chai Concentrate for the best masala chai's in your town by adding it into your shopping cart.



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