Sattwa Chai - 32oz

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Sattwa Chai is probably the most delicious chai that you will ever taste. Why? Well, simply because it is made with so much care and love, after old and traditional recipes adapted to the modern tastes of the most pretentious clients.

Smooth, creamy, deliciously flavored and obtained after months of sunshine and careful supervision, it is a delicious chai, able to enchant any person with the old magic of the Indian creators of the original chai. You simply need to have it in your coffee shop if you want to conquer the most exquisite clients!


What is Sattwa Chai?

Sattwa Chai is the most trustworthy and authentic chai on the market at this moment, mainly due to its perfect taste and due to the fact that it respects its origins by staying close to the original Indian recipes of chai and to its initial vision. Years of work and development of this drink are reflected into the unique taste and texture of the great masala chai that you will create using this perfect, magical ingredient: Sattwa Chai!

As a barista, there is no greater satisfaction for you than seeing your clients sincerely enjoying what you have prepared for them. Sattwa Chai will help you with this, as it is the tastiest natural chai that you can ever prepare for your passionate chai lovers clients!


  • Filtered Water
  • Cane Sugar
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Black Tea
  • Ginger
  • Clove
  • Black Pepper
  • Citric Acid


How Is Sattwa Chai Created?

Sattwa Chai has been created in 1995 and today, after two decades of hard-work, experience and love, it is the finest chai on the market. With carefully chosen, 100% natural organic ingredients and spices and with no additives of any kind, Sattwa Chai has a vibrant taste in every cup.

It is a masala chai that never disappoints, as it is blended and micro-brewed, using Organic Fair Trade Certified Black Tea, the best for a delicious and rich taste of chai. During the last years, it has become the favorite of any barista, of any coffee shop owner and, of course, the first choice of any client who loves masala chai's, thanks to the experience and love that it is created with. You should give it a try and see its satisfying taste and effects on the happy faces of your every customer!


How Do You Prepare Sattwa Chai?

You can easily prepare Sattwa Chai by adding equal parts of our premium-quality sattwa chai and delicious milk or milk alternatives such as almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk etc. into a cup. Adding some extra sugar, vanilla sauce, chocolate sauce, caramel or extra milk can make it sweeter and tastier, of course, but for the most exquisite clients who are experienced, used and committed to having a simple cup of original, natural masala chai, simply combining Sattwa Chai with a creamy, delicious milk will be a very enjoyable and pleasuring drink for them at any time of the day!


What Makes Sattwa Chai Perfect For Nutrition?

Sattwa Chai is completely safe for your clients' organisms and nutrition. As previously mentioned, it is made after an old recipe of ancient India, where only natural plants were used in order to create this delicious beverage. Consequently, there is nothing contained in Sattwa Chai (that absolutely respects that old recipe) that could harm people's organisms!

It has no additives of any type and it contains natural spices that are actually full of vitamins, energy and refreshing benefits for the human organism. This is why your clients can enjoy it with trust. It is delicious and probably the most authentic masala chai that you will find on the market!


What Makes Sattwa Chai different from Sattwa Chai Concentrate?

Sattwa Chai is just as smooth, natural, creamy and delicious as Sattwa Chai Concentrate, as it is created with the same quantity of love and care, but what makes it different from Sattwa Chai Concentrate is that its taste isn't that strong, and if combined with some milk and some chocolate or vanilla sauce, it will only provide a slight savor of aromatic Indian herbs and spices. This makes it perfect for those who try chai for the first time and want to start with something easy, or for those who simply enjoy beverages with a slight flavor of chai!


How Can You Purchase Sattwa Chai?

You can easily buy Sattwa Chai right now, by adding it into your shopping cart! Sold in cases of 12, 32 oz bottles, specially created for coffee shops owners and dedicated baristas like you, the delicious sattwa chai can be easily purchased right now for a small price in comparison to the premium quality taste it will provide to your drinks! Give it a try right now!