Rishi Foraged Chaga Chai Concentrate

$ 204.00


Foraged Chaga Chai is an adaptogenic blend of healing Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake and Chaga mushrooms.  Lightly sweetened with maple syrup and infused with roasted dandelion root, chicory & cocoa nibs, this is a delightful chai with an exquisite, unique flavor profile

Enjoy Rishi Foraged Chaga Chai iced or hot.  Mix equal parts of non-dairy milk for best results.

  • Filtered Water, Organic Maple Syrup, Organic Chicory Root, Organic Reishi Mushrooms, Organic Roasted Dandelion Root, Chaga Mushrooms, Organic Maitake Mushrooms, Organic Shiitake Mushrooms, Organic Cocoa Nibs, Citric Acid.

Vegan, Kosher, Caffeine-Free, Gluten-Free

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