Pacific Foods - Barista Series Almond Milk


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Do you find it difficult to make the best latte art on your cup of coffee? Are your clients often annoyed with the heavy and bad taste of dairy? If you want a great flavored and perfect textured milk for a perfect heart shaped latte art mocha, then Pacific Food Barista Series Almond Milk is just what you're looking for!

With a milky consistency and a perfect sweet, natural, simple and unique taste, the Pacific Almond Milk will make the finest beverages taste heavenly delicious. Do you want to know more about this secret weapon of every barista's success? Then keep reading!


What is Pacific Foods Barista Series Almond Milk?

Pacific Foods Barista Series Almond Milk is a non-dairy, original type of milk with unique taste and texture. It is a delicious almond milk, a perfect replacement for dairy, for other unhealthy types of milk or simply for other types of milk with no tasty flavor that have bad nutritional specifications or unsuitable texture for fine beverages.

Pacific Almond Milk is the perfect formula for latte art, with a great savor, smooth texture and healthy consistency. Do you know the secret of its very satisfying properties? It is the goal of Pacific Foods to create the best premium quality products for you!

It is the secret ingredient that will make your every customer come back to your coffee shop after drinking one cup of delicious tea or coffee with some drops of this milk!


  • Almond Base (Water, Almonds)
  • Dried Cane Syrup
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Sea Salt
  • Carrageenan
  • Vitamin D2
  • Riboflavin (B2)
  • Vitamin A Palmitate


How Is Pacific Almond Milk Created?

Pacific Almond Milk is created with carefully chosen, healthy, rich organic almonds, gently roasted for a natural flavor that will shine in the beverages that will contain this milk. Then, these almonds are passed through a sum of delicate processes which result, at the final, into the delicious milk that you can pour into your beverages in order to please your clients.

The hard-work of the creators of Pacific Almond Milk results into the best signature result of Pacific Milk, a taste that turns drinking a cup of glass into a pleasure of enjoying a fine, sweet and unique taste. With a milky texture and specially formulated for great behavior at high-temperature beverages, Pacific Almond Milk is perfect for both ice drinks and hot beverages. All in one, this milk is created in high hygiene conditions and with lots of dedication and love, for the most satisfying results!


What Can You Use Pacific Almond Milk For?

Pacific Almond Milk can be used for several delicious beverages and desserts. Due to its vegetal origin, the Pacific Almond Milk can be used into every smoothie, as it is compatible with any kind of fruits, from bananas and chocolate to mango and melon, or to strawberries and coconut. It will be a pleasure to take a sip of such a heavenly, milky beverage combined with this almond milk.

Also, using Pacific Almond Milk for iced coffees, frappes, milkshakes, cappuccinos, teas, mochas or any other coffee based drink that requires or not latte art, will be a pleasure, thanks to the velvety foam that it will form if added into a hot drink, or due to its ability to become very smooth and milky after being blended. Pacific Almond Milk is so tasty that your clients will definitely enjoy it even simply, into a glass.


What Makes Pacific Almond Milk Perfect For Nutrition?

Almond milk is very nourishing. Very natural, completely vegetal, it is perfect for vegan, raw-vegan, Kosher Parve etc. Also, it is perfect for those who have lactose intolerance or who want to keep a diet, because it is absolutely lactose free and cholesterol free.

Also, it is very healthy due to the fact that it contains no trace of gluten, dairy, wheat or yeast. Rich in Vitamin B2 and D2, it vitalizes and refreshes the organism, also providing the daily required quantity of energy.

It is low fat and its taste is very enjoyable and simple, as it is simply made out of the best almonds, with no soy, oat or other plants/ingredients that might change or even ruin the sweet and great milky taste or texture of the Pacific Almond Milk.


How Can You Purchase Pacific Almond Milk?

Pacific Almond Milk can be purchased by you right now by adding it into your shopping cart and having it in your own coffee shop, for the best beverages and the most pleased clients with your preparations. All you have to do in order to become the best barista and to value your skills as a latte artist, is order this Barista Series Almond Milk, which is available for you in 2 cases of 12 each, at a very affordable price for the premium quality it will provide you!