Matchaful Organic Emerald Grade Matcha Powder

$ 40.00


The Emerald Grade Matcha uses only the finest, first-harvest, hand-picked tea leaves. These leaves are the first leaves picked off the tea plant following the plant's winter hibernation. This matcha has the highest concentrations of chlorophyll (due to the plant hibernating during the winter) and L-Theanine (providing the lighter, sweeter taste). 

Matchaful's Emerald Grade is a super-premium grade matcha, made from hand-picked, 100% USDA organic, vibrant first-harvest (Ceremonial) green tea leaves.

Best for sipping with water or a splash of milk. 

Use 5g of Matcha for every 8oz of liquid.

Serving sizes:

  • 30 gram bag, 6 serves/bag
  • 200 gram bag, 40 serves/bag
  • 1000 (1kg) gram bag, 200 serves/bag 

Taste Profile:

  • Light and creamy

  • Hints of sweetness and grassy notes

For an instructional video on how to make a matchaful matcha latte, visit 

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