$ 85.00


ORIGIN: Chiapas, Mexico

ROAST: Medium Roast

TASTE: Decadent / Sweet / Balanced


For those of you that are looking for a nutty, heavy and deeply roasted coffee, this is for you! This coffee was sourced and roasted specifically for this profile.

A bit more about the flavor:
Dark chocolate flavor, mild malic acidity, and some green apple flavor on the back. Even though this is a medium roasted coffee, you wouldn’t be able to tell by the amount of body it carries. This is the heaviest coffee we sell. If you have customers that gravitate towards low acidic and high body coffees, you can’t go wrong here. This blend has a specialty grade of 84.5.

Batch Brewing Instructions:

(If using on any other single-serve brewer, a ratio of 15:1 Water:Coffee is recommended.)

  • For a half-gallon brew cycle, use + 150 grams and grind on a medium (table salt) setting.
  • For a gallon brew cycle, use + 230grams and grind on a medium (table salt) setting.
  • If you’re using a refractometer, the reading should be 1.39 - 1.4 in its TDS.
  • The brewing temperature should be between 201-203 degrees.


***Sold as either 1 5lb bag (5lb total), or 2 5lb bags (10lb total)***