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ORIGIN: Central & South America, and Indonesia

ROAST: Medium Roast

TASTE: Decadent / Sweet / Balanced



Always evolving and never settling.

The two most important things in our espresso are that a pure shot can stand-alone second to none and that adding milk only elevates the experience. Your espresso-based milk drink should be nothing less than a delightful, smooth and silky treat.

Emma's Espresso is a seasonal rotating blend of coffees from Central, and South America. If you’re pulling as an espresso shot, you’ll notice heavy chocolate, a syrupy body and a bright aftertaste.

A bit more about the flavor: 
Baker’s chocolate, toffee candy, and bright stone fruit - think peaches, sometimes a kiwi presence or small hints of berries. This blend has a specialty grade of 84.25

Espresso Instructions:

  • You're going to want to use a 17-19g basket.
  • You’ll dose 17g with a yield between 26-30g depending on the age of the espresso.
  • If it’s older than 6 days, you’ll want to land it closer to 30g.
  • If it’s closer to over 2 weeks, you may want a higher dose up to 18g with a shorter yield.

***Sold as either 1 5lb bag (5lb total), or 2 5lb bags (10lb total)***