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ORIGIN: Central America, South America, and Africa

ROAST: Medium Roast

TASTE: Full-Bodied / Clean / Chocolaty

CURRENT COFFEE COMPOSITION: Brazil + Guatemala + Colombia 


The people’s coffee! Birch Blend is a seasonal rotating blend of coffees from Central, and South America. A balanced cup, you'll enjoy fruit notes upfront, leading to a creamy chocolaty finish. 

A bit more about the flavor: 
This coffee has a blend of malic acidity from Brazilian coffee and citric acid from both the Guatemalan and Colombian coffees. The fruit notes are dark cherry and green apple in the finish. It also possesses milk chocolate and toffee notes as well. This blend has a specialty grade of 84.25.

Cool Fact: The trees producing Birch Coffee are over 100 years old. This is extraordinarily rare for any coffee production, let alone specialty grade.


Batch Brewing Instructions:

(If using on any other single-serve brewer, a ratio of 15:1 Water:Coffee is recommended.)

  • For a half-gallon brew cycle, use + 150 grams and grind on a medium (table salt) setting.
  • For a gallon brew cycle, use + 230grams and grind on a medium (table salt) setting.
  • If you’re using a refractometer, the reading should be 1.39 - 1.4 in its TDS.
  • The brewing temperature should be between 201-203 degrees.


***Sold as either 1 5lb bag (5lb total), or 2 5lb bags (10lb total)***