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With the Oat Milk Craze in full swing, we thought it would only be fitting for our first blog post to be about all things oat milk.  From how it got so popular, to new brands entering the market, and how to deal with shortages.

Oat milk entered the U.S. market back in 2016 from a little company called Oatly.  The Oatly team walked from café to café all over New York City showing barista’s the newest vegan option to use in lattes.  It didn’t take long for all of New York to fall in love with Oatly’s creamy texture and phenomenal taste.

What makes oat milk so appealing?

For one, oat milk does not contain nuts, so it makes living a plant-based lifestyle more attainable for those with nut allergies.  For others, it’s the unique flavor profile that oat milk has compared to other vegan options.  Some even confuse the consistency with dairy.  There is also an environmental appeal, less water is needed to make oat milk than some other non-dairy options.

Why is there an Oatly shortage?

With a growing love for this Swedish product, the demand for Oatly quadrupled over night, but their production output did not, leaving us with an Oatly shortage & a market screaming for oat milk.  Literally screaming, trust us, we deal with calls about oat milk all day long.  Don’t worry, Oatly is working on increasing their production outputs with the opening of their very own production facility.  In the meantime we are determined to provide you with different oat milk options to service your cafe and win your customers over. Enter stage left: a new oat milk from the U.K. called Minor Figures.

Introducing the latest Oat Milk to the U.S. Market: Minor Figures Oat M*lk

With a mysterious vibe and a funky logo, it didn’t take long for Minor Figures to peak the interest of coffee shops around the nation.  After sending out pallet’s worth of samples, Minor Figures gained credibility as a viable oat milk to use in espresso-based drinks.  It has only been in the States since September 7th, and over 600 coffee shops have already started to use it.

How to deal with Oatly Shortages.

The only way to truly navigate around the Oatly shortages is to order inventory well in advanced and to be open to trying different oat milk options.  We now carry three types of oat milk and will be adding a fourth from Elmhurst Milked in early November.

What is the future for oat milk?

It is a very exciting and interesting time for the non-dairy & cofee industry.  Oatly has won over consumers across the nation, and has paved the way for competing brands to enter the market with their very own oat milks.  Do I think it will be around for a while?  Yes.  Being behind the scenes in the coffee/non-dairy industry it is amazing to see how much  people love this stuff.  Although, who knows what the next hot alternative milk will be to win over a new wave of consumers.

Oat milk just isn’t my thing…

If oat milk isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered with 7 other types of non-dairy milks ranging from Almond to Macadamia to Hemp.  We are always looking for exciting new products, so if you know of one, tell us!

Thank you for standing by us!

We are so grateful for all our amazing customers! A special thanks goes out for those who have been with us from the beginning and continue to stand by our side during the oat milk shortages.  You guys rock! 

X Erin


October 26, 2018 by Erin Champey
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