Big Spoon Roasters Get's A Fresh New Look

Introducing the new look of Big Spoon Roasters Nut Butter Bars and two new flavors!

Big Spoon Roasters Apricot Pepita Nut Butter Bar

Have you ever heard of a Figgy Chai, or Cranberry Cashew?  Big Spoon opens up its nut butter bar offering with these two dynamite flavors!


When I first tasted the figgy chai my mind was blown, two of my favorite flavor profiles came together and made a baby.  I absolutely love the slight sweetness of fresh figs & the aromatic spice blend of chai.  Putting these two flavors together in a clean nut butter bar was ingenious.  

Figgy Chai Nut Butter Bar

One of the reasons Big Spoon Nut Butter bars are my favorite, is their rich flavor profile with very little sugar in each bar.  This is a great snack to sit down and enjoy with a latte, or on the go to fuel your workout, or post workout recovery.  It is rich in fiber, high in protein and is packed with antioxidants.


Cranberry Cashew is the second new flavor available.  Dried cherries offer a slight tartness to this delectable blend of cashews, roasted peanut + cashew butter, and is finished off with a slight sweetness from raw wildflower honey.

Cranberry Cashew Nut Butter Bar

 Big Spoon Nut Butter Bars are Gluten-free, Palm Oil-free, Soy-free & Dairy-free!

November 29, 2018 by Erin Champey
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