5 Beautifully Designed Coffee Shops Around The World


We love cafe beverages just as much as the next person, whether it be in the form a beautiful latte art or a fun new recipe, like turmeric white hot chocolate. Outside of the drink itself, there is nothing better than where you have it. Coffee shops, while all different in design and presentation, give you that warm feeling that keeps you coming back for more.

Are you a coffee shop connoisseur? Do you love tasting new flavors in unique, rare café finds? There are hundreds of thousands of unique coffee shops around the globe, each offering their own selection, vibe, baristas, setting, and atmosphere.

If you can’t get enough of everything the coffee life has to offer, it might be worth planning a trip to these 5 stunning coffee shops around the world!


1. Caffè Florian: Venice, Italy

 Caffè Florian: Venice, Italy

Image by Caffè Florian

Caffè Florian in Venice, Italy is the oldest café in Europe. Originally opened in 1720, it’s rich in history and tradition. The building is as rich in history as the coffee is in flavor. Walking up to the doors of Caffè Florian, you can feel a poignant sentiment of the past with the delectable smell of freshly roasted espresso and frothy cappuccino.

You’ll feel like royalty in the Oriental Room, the Hall of Seasons, or the outdoor space right on St. Mark’s square. From the porch, you can watch the plaza tides flood in and out while sipping on authentic Italian coffee. While you’re enjoying your brew, you can listen to the spectacular orchestra while being catered to on silver trays.

Are you looking for a coffee shop rich in love and romance? Caffè Florian was frequented by the famous Casanova, who liked that it was the only coffee house that allowed women!

It has also been a popular caffeine spot for Carlo Goldoni, Goethe, Lord Byron, Marcel Proust, and Charles Dickens. It’s the perfect place to post up to read—or write—a great book amidst the glory, history, and love of the City of Water.


2. Truth Coffee: Cape Town, South Africa

Truth Coffee: Cape Town, South Africa

Image by truthcoffee

Truth Coffee is a different level of coffee shop experience. Their café in South Africa is the award-winning “steampunk theme” home of their coffee. From their vintage probate roaster to modern electronics, they deliver a unique caffeinated experience that anyone can adore.

Alongside their beverages, Truth Café offers a unique brasserie menu from 7am to 6pm. First, you choose your beans from blends like Single Origin India to “Deep, Dark, and Twisted.” Next, you choose how you like your coffee, like the type of espresso or pour over. They’ll make your ideal cup to your specifications (plus more).

Want to try something new or still looking for coffee perfection? Their baristas are trained coffee sommeliers, so you can order “the barista’s choice” to get the most delicious cup for your taste buds. Truth Coffee is known for its single origin coffees, black honey blend, and the freshness of their milk.

You can even attend barista courses in the café, ranging from a Short & Sweet coffee intro to coffee sommelier classes. We guarantee you’ve never had an experience quite like this all-in-one shop in Cape Town.

And there’s even more… After 6pm when doors close, TRUTH.After Dark takes over! You can book a night for exquisite, luxury desserts to go with your coffee for a unique and exciting culinary experience after hours.

Can’t make it to Cape Town? They sell their coffee and other products online too.


3. Café Central: Vienna, Austria

Café Central: Vienna, Austria

Image by Café Central

Vienna is home to the coffee shop lifestyle. Famous authors, celebrities, royals, and philosophers were known to sit in Viennese coffee houses for hours (if not days) to write, read, think, and socialize. Any coffee house you visit in Vienna will be an experience, but we especially love the history and grandeur of Café Central.

Café Central, opened in 1876, has absolutely stunning architecture and design. Located inside Palais Ferstel, a palatial mansion house, you’ll be amazed by its ornate columns and striking arches.

If you are looking for a bit of history, you are invited to sit at one of the regular tables of notable historical figures like Leo Trotsky, Sigmund Freud, Arthur Schnitzler, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, and other poets and philosophers.

Café Central isn’t just looks and history, though. Their menu has traditional Viennese dishes and coffee specials that will make your mouth water from the moment you smell the rich aroma inside their walls. They live by the Viennese coffeehouse rules of a glass of water, a single cup of coffee, and Austrian cream options. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

This shop is Instagrammable, so don’t be surprised if there is a line out the door!


4. Barista Parlor: Nashville, Tennessee (USA)

Barista Parlor: Nashville, Tennessee

Image by baristaparlor 

Barista Parlor is hipster heaven, but it’s also a local favorite! Housed in a converted auto garage, you’ll get a modern industrial feel that’s suitable for posting up to do work or chatting with your friends for a spell.

The goal of their shop experience is to “seek the betterment of coffee for all mankind.” They focus on coffee sourcing and building a beautiful cup—in a physical place that combines commerce and art. This shop is especially unique in that they work with local Nashville artists, farms, businesses, and bakeries, making it a totally homegrown southern shop!

They offer only a small food and coffee menu that rotates based on local supply and barista creativity. But you’re sure not to be disappointed with anything you order from this modern coffee house. The space is designed to draw you in and keep you there as long as your heart longs for coffee.

Why did we pick Barista Parlor as our USA spotlight? Because it’s one of the most honestly local shops we’ve ever experienced! From artisanal jams to meats from the butcher next door, you’ll always get the freshest and most delicious southern hospitality.


5. Cafe Tortoni: Buenos Aires

Cafe Tortoni: Buenos Aires

Image by Cafe Tortoni

The most popular café in Buenos Aires, Cafe Tortoni has been going strong since 1858. Tortoni acts almost like a living time capsule, from the stained glass windows to marble tables, the busts and old photographs to the mahogany chairs, it is hard to not feel transported back in time. You’ll find locals playing billiards, cards, and chatting with friends at this resident hot spot. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another era with a fun and exciting past hidden within its walls and windows.  

Every night, they host shows—particularly tango and dance shows—that accompany the relaxed and exquisite atmosphere of this coffee shop. With the local brews to the “chocolate con churros” to their tenderloin steak, you’ll get some incredible delicacies alongside a rich cultural environment and lively local atmosphere.

Still mostly undiscovered by tourists, you’ll have a true Buenos Aires experience in Cafe Tortoni’s spirited ambiance!

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June 06, 2019 by Staff @ BaristaUnderground
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